Monday, 14 August 2017

My favourite memory

My Favourite Memory
My favourite memory was when I went to Rainbow's End.I went with my family including Brazie and Ka. The first thing that we all went on was the drivers town it was kind of boring because the cars were slow.We actually went there only for my little cousins.The next ride was the pirate ship it was kind of fun, me, Brazie and Ka we sat together with Brazie's mum.We all had butterflies even my brothers Louis and Daniel they kept on put their heads down as if they were about to puke, I laughed but at the same time I closed my eyes for no reason.

When we finished riding the pirate ship we went on the "Go Carts" which was my favourite, only me and Brazie called go on separate carts.Because it was our first time riding I came second to last and Brazie went last but I didn't care.Then me and Brazie left but Ka stayed, he went on the Go Carts with my anuty. Me and Brazie didn't want to wait so we went on the Stratosphere we had to decide if we wanted to go on the less extreme or the very extreme, we both choose the less but at first I wanted to go on the extreme but then Brazie didn't. Then it was our time to go, me and Brazie sat next to each other.I closed my eyes for most of the ride then I opened my eyes and just didn't care again.

When the ride ended we met up with Ka. We went through the "Kids Kingdom" we only went because Brazie's dad told us to go, so we got bored so we went to go on a roller coaster, we all went on the Gold Rush it was really boring but on our way we saw people on the log ride so we said 'Hi".Then we went straight off the ride.Then I asked the boys if we should go on all the rides so we did.Then a few moments later we went on the "FearFall", but Ka didn't go but I think it was because it would be to scary for him, so it was only me and Brazie again.When we were in front of the line we went and sat on a chair but two other girls sat next to us.As we were going up I told Brazie that this is going to be scary.Once we made it to the top I started getting butterflies in my stomach we had to wait for a few seconds then boom it dropped. Then we reached the end.Me and Brazie couldn't stop talking about that ride.The fear fall was my favourite because when we dropped it felt like our faces were going to rip off.This was the best time of my life so far. 

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Akesa Misela said...

Hi Tyra,

It is very important to read your writing again and again. You are a fast and smart writer and can become even better if you take the time to make sure that all of your information has been included and add describing words for interest.

It might help if you plan all of your ideas first and then get into writing. Sometimes were Vvery excited about writing that we just get on with it but planning your writing will really help your thinking.

Good effort!
Miss Misela

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