Tuesday, 15 August 2017

My baby sister Cassandra

I have recived a gift from god.My sister.Every since I was little I've always wanted a little sister.When she was born she made my life the best thing ever.I looked after her and played with her and even dressed and bathed her.

One night I was really tired I was just about to shut my eyes but then I heard my aunty saying that my mum was having a baby, I got up with excitement I ran into the living room, my mum was at the hospital.I really wanted to go but had to stay back with my brothers.I heard that my aunty dropped my mum off to the hospital with my cousins, Brazie and Chevy-Ray.It took a very long so I fell asleep.When I woke up that morning on a Saturday I almost had forgotten but didn't because my nana reminded me.My aunty got really annoyed with me because I kept on talking on and on about my baby sister.I week later my mum was ready to go home on a Friday.My nana was just going to drop me and my brothers off to go sleep there for the weekend.I ran towards my mum I asked "Where is my baby sister", "she is inside" My mum shouted. I ran right into the living room where it was.Once and warm for a baby like her.I looked at my baby sister, my heart beated I was even about to cry.I looked around in her little bed.There was $50 dollars under her pillow.I asked my mum who gave it to her and she said "my friend".

I few more months later it was time to name her.Me and my mum was fingering out a name for her then we asked my step dad, he said "Cassandra", and I said it was a beautiful name.A month later my sister "Cassandra" started to talk a lot, it was a big surprise because she was only one month.Her first word was mamma, but a few moments later she got so used to hearing my name so she actually shouted my name out loud.I ran to her and cried because it was special to me that my name was her second word, I hugged her so much she started crying.One more month later my sister took her first steps, I was holding her and let go of her while she was walking towards my mum.She took I remember was 5, how did I remember?I remember because we have a book and we wrote everything special about her.

A year later on February the 2nd it was her birthday.For her birthday I got her a lolly pop that she really loved, as I was giving to her she said "Thank you" but she said it pronounced Tank-ou. After a while she began to walk a lot now which made us all think that she was the most cleverest baby in our family.We took her out to to beach for her birthday which wasn't her first.Most of us didn't come because everyone else was helping organising her birthday presents and cake, which only left my mum my sister my cousins and I to go to the beach.First I really wanted to take my sister to swim with me first so I took her out and put her into the water.At first she was cold while I was swimming her around but then she got used to it.Then I wanted to play with my cousins.All we did was just swim around and talk for the rest of the section.Then we wanted to go back to my nanas which that's where everyone else was.

My sister was the best thing I ever had and right now she is very used to me she huggs me a lot and kisses me as well.I love her more then anyone else and nothing can break us apart.

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