Tuesday, 15 August 2017

How would I survive?

How I would survive stranded on an island...

I wake up not remembering anything I am all alone and on an island. My clothes are half ripped. I stand up moving and looking around the island.

The first thing I see is a coconut tree which I feel in luck. I try climbing up the coconut tree but I can't it's too difficult! I run around looking for a rock. Finally I find a rock sitting among the sand, I pick it up and walk towards the coconut tree. I throw the rock as hard and fast as possible. Then a coconut drops to the ground then another and another and all of them fall down but sadly there is only three so I don't think I would survive with only three.

I try to find a way to open one coconut but it is to impossible so I put the coconuts down one by one. I go for a swim in the big ocean. I swim around and I find a broken ship, I come up for air, then go back down again. I go on to the ship and find a box. When I open it I find a knife and lighter I swim back up with the box. I go back to the island. I threw away the lighter because I didn't think I would need it. I get out the knife and start opening the coconuts.

A few moments later it starts getting darker. Then I remember that I had a lighter I try my hardest to look for the lighter then all of a sudden I remembered that I threw it away. I find some wood and start rubbing it together and start up a fire.I 'm shivering and put my hands above the fire and start heating up. I am now really warm. I try to build a shelter with some wood and rocks but it doesn't really turn out very well so I just lay out a few wood and lay on top.

I fall asleep, 24 hours later its morning and I'm hungry. I search around for something I could eat, I couldn't find anything. I hear something splashing in the water it is a baby shark. When I first saw it I was scared until I realised that it was only a baby shark.I  look closer and it swims towards me, behind my back I have a knife and rock. The shark is 2cm away from me I throw the rock and it jumps to me and I try to stab it with my eyes closed.Its dead I drag it into shore and I but it open and grab out some meat.I rinse it out on the water and I put it on top of the fire from earlier.Then I feel that it's ready so I try eat it but I was to nervous so I take one bite.Then once I finished it all I find a stick and write S.O.S.I plane flies pass and sees my sign they trow down a ladder and I climb up, and now I'm finally in the plane.The people on the plane gave me a blanket and a coffee am saved.


Noeline Brough said...

Hi Tyra, If I get stranded on an island I think I would need you to be stranded with me as it seems that you will be able to get food so we would not starve.

Tyra said...

Hi Miss Brough,I really like your comment, and I agree,but I've already been slaved to a few people.

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