Monday, 21 August 2017

Miss Misela?

Miss Misela...
Miss Misela is a teaher that teaches at Ruapotaka school, which teaches in room 10.I am one of her students, all up in our class there are 16 students, Fakaola, Mary, Liza, Joanlisi, Tupou, Leanah, Riiana, Jessica, Malia, Peni, Konzay, Kain, Tristan, Sousiwa and Brazie including me, we have 10 girls and 6 boys.Miss Misela is my favourite teacher at our school.(Sorry to the other teachers) Miss Misela is 22 years old.But when I first met her I thought she was 18 and said to myself "Can she be a teacher at this age?" Miss Misela is kind and sweet and always has kind compliments.

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