Monday, 16 October 2017

My Holiday

In the holidays my mum had to baby sit all of her brothers kids including me and my siblings.When they all arrived my aunties jumped out, and when they jumped out we all laughed because they were all wearing cow girl outfits.A few moments later I had a shower so I had to give Brazie my little cousin Zarna-Rose.When I got out of the shower I texted my other cousin Ka to come over so we could go walk around, but he said "No you come over my house" so we did.When we left there were these kids that were yelling out to Ka it was a girl and two boys, the girl was holding a dead bird and a dead mouse.When we were knocking on the door my little cousin which is Ka's little brother Rekard, when we both entered Ka was on his laptop playing Roblox, he was on a server called "Trick or Treat".We told Ka to hurry up, so he went to go ask his mum if he could come over and she said 'No!" because of his attitude so we stayed a little.When it got dark Ka asked again but asked his dad and he said yes.Then we just went home played the xbox then put all the little kids to sleep.

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