Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Maui helping his people

Many many years ago there was a man and his name was Maui.One day he was just strolling around on his island, which was where him and his people lived.But it was really dark and cold, he ran towards a house that has plants, but they aren't growing at all.The people that lived there were sad because it was almost mothers day and the children wanted to give their mother some roses that were supposed to be growing in the garden.As 

he was walking home he saw his little sister, Mariana, she was really sad because there was no water for her little pet puppy Anahera, she was afraid that she wouldn't survive much longer, so Maui gave his little sister his bottle of water.He ran inside to see if the taps would work, but they didn't, none of them would work.He went around asking if his neighbours had any water, but they didn't either.So he asked his father Tamati if he could go and see what is wrong, but his father said it is to dark.So he went to bed to get some rest.

24 hours later he woke up, and it was only six o'clock he got out of bed and opened his curtains but it looked as if it was still night time, then he thought for a while and left his bedroom and told all his five brothers to come with him.They sneaked outside and went for a long walk to go to the east.Then a few hours later they made it to the East and were proud of their achievement walking for so long.And thats when they saw the light of the son on the edge of the earth.Maui told his brothers to search for linseed so his brothers and Maui can make a powerful net out of it.

Then he remembered that he had a whip in his bag made from his grandmother who passed away.When his brothers came back they all had flax in there hand, they had a lot.So him and his brothers made a net.When the sun was just coming up it was about to go back down but then Maui and his brothers caught him with the magical net and the sun said ''How dare you wake the incredible sun Ra which was the name of the sun.Then Maui replied ''Please can you Poturi Iho" and all the brothers of Maui agreed with him.Maui whipped him more to teach him a listen, and so he did, Ra apologised to all the people.So for now on Ra comes up 24 hours a day and 12 hours at night time.

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