Wednesday, 6 September 2017

I love my family do you??

..My Family..
My Family care for me a lot and most of the times I do not listen.We are all Maori which is why I chose this photo of my cousin my brothers and I of us trying to do the pukana. But my brothers and I have two cultures which are half Maori and half Samoan I have another sister but apparently she is my half sister which got me upset cause I have always wanted a sister with the same blood as me.She is Tongan and Maori,I have only three cousins that go to my school, there names are Brazie Tyress and Ariel, and I have two uncles that go as well Tyron and Ocean I know right very young.And my two brothers Louis and Daniel go there as well.My family is special because they raised me, not as a good child but the right kind of person, and I love them just the way they are.

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