Thursday, 7 June 2018

Happy Birth Day Miss Misela!!!

Friday 8th June 2018
Today is a very special day for Miss Misela. Today is her Birthday. We all hope you the best day ever for you Miss Misela.

A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Miss Misela from Room 12. We love that you are a great teacher and we are glad that you have come to the right school. You are very caring and you always show us love.

Dear Miss Misela,
You were my first teacher when I joined the senior block. I still remember the first day when we started in Room 9, I knew that you were very nervous. Thanks for always being there for all of us. You have always made me happy and laugh.  You taught me a lot last year and the year before that year. Every bad situation I was in you would always solve them. I thank you for being the most lovely, loyal and respectful teacher I've always needed. You are the best teacher anyone could ask for!

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Akesa Misela said...

Wow! That is really nice. Thank you Tyra :) I hope your new school is awesome and you're learning a lot and enjoying yourself. We miss you here at Ruapotaka! Take care of yourself :)

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